• February Blissed-Out Horoscopes

    Posted by Lauren Robertstad

    February is flying by! We may be halfway though the shortest month of the year, but it's never too late to invite a little wisdom into your week! Ready to get blissed?


    Get ready to spread your wings ARIES, this month you're all about SOCIAL, SOCIAL, SOCIAL. From work connections, to friendships, you're crushing the networking game. If January was a damper on any of your recent successes: deep inhales, even deeper exhales; February is rollin' up to the rescue. For the rest of the month, dial down the intensity, and turn up the self-care.


    Girl; (or guy) it's time to get serious. Rip a page out of whatever book is nearest, and start writing out your goals. What do you want to crush this year? What would you like to accomplish? 2017 is your year, and the only person standing in your way is you. Looking to make major moves? Check in with your daily habits. Big changes start with little revisions. It's time to root to rise; You excel when you're grounded. 


    It's time to take risks; And you know it. You've been sitting on the sidelines for too long, and with the Sun in Aquarius it's time to jump. You thrive in big groups; start dialing-up your meet-ups and group-dates. Start recharging though the ones you love most, rewind the oversharing, and focus instead on sharing IRL with the people you love most. It's a month of extremes for you Gemini, so remember to stay on your toes, and keep your emotions in check.


    This month is bringing you all kinds of hibernation vibes. Draw the blinds on the weekends, and throw on whatever series is currently blowing up on Netflix. You need it. With February standing to be the month you recharge, it's time to evaluate the balance in your life in a big way. If you found yourself being stretched this year in different directions last year, now is the time to address why. The opportunity for massive growth is now; get your cocoon on, Cancer.


    Partnerships are where it's at, Leo! You're a natural born leader, but now is the time to link up! Your voice will carry you farther than you've ever imagined, but here's the catch: you've got to use it. Slow up on the multi-tasking, and focus on the big picture. Working on bigger projects from the position of a manager versus a micro-manager will change your mood in major ways. Solo projects are where it's at right now. Get after it.


    New Year's Resolutions? You say, 'What Resolutions?' You're still poppin' holiday bottles of champagne, and eating Christmas cookies (it's time to throw them out, btw...) But all of that changes now. You're never one to follow the crowd with health trends, but now its Aquarius season, and you're all like, "pass the kale." Grab a broom and swiftly sweep out the toxic folks in your life, you're all about love, and light, Virgo!


    Who is ready for some love? Libra? You are. This is your month of love, love, love. With your new found connection to your inner voice, it's time to turn the volume up and expressing your desires in life. It's time to clean house when it comes to your past. Whether it's deleting old Insta's, or burning photos of your ex, whatever you're holding on to, needs to go. Clean house to make room for some new visitors. 


    Heads up: February is a wee bit bumpy in the mood department, Scorpio. Now is the perfect time to get completely immersed into a new hobby, or creative endeavor. Escaping into the mundane isn't the answer this month. Instead, go against your instinctual nature to close yourself off to the world. Stay open, and stay positive. As Carrie Fisher once said, "Take your broken heart, and turn it into art." She's talking to you, Scorpio.


    It's time to list out those priorities, Sagittarius. With your social gears in motion, it's easy to get side tracked with the endless amounts of distractions in your life right now. Get out that pen and paper, because now is the time to start tackling your goals. Make a list, and organize in order of importance, those pesky drives you can't seem to ignore. Your creative side is striking HARD right now, and the best approach to harnessing that energy, is to get straight to work. Pen and paper, Sagittarius...pen and paper. 


    Resist the urge to take anything personally this month. With your Love planet on FIRE, it's time to drop your guard, and take RISKS. Advocate for yourself, and the ones you love. It will pay off BIG time, especially at work. Big changes are on the horizon which will require the support of those closest to you. Don't let the change unnerve you. And definitely don't hold back; Ground yourself, and you will SHINE. 


    You're about to step into a major spotlight. You are, by nature, an incredibly kind-hearted being. But don't let others misjudge your lack of drive because of it! You'll be hit with multiple curveballs, but here's the key: you've got this, Aquarius. Everything that you've gone through in the past year has prepared you for this incredible opportunity. Focus on meeting deadlines, and watch your stress melt away.


    It's time to chill. It's time to relax, so hard, Pisces. You've had a heavy January, and it's okay if your enthusiasm has waned a bit. Don't fret- instead, treat yourself. Book yourself a beach getaway, and peace-out for the weekend. A little restoration is set to REVAMP any projects that have stalled in the last few weeks. Your patience is KEY when it comes to a big opportunity at the end of the month. Keep a steady pace, and your dedication will pay off. 

    Keep it Blissed, Bandits!



    (Images courtesy of: @wilsonmaggie, @victor_feer, @madesafehq, @perrygraham, @energymuse, @vida_glow, @shuttersca)

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  • What We're Loving

    Posted by Annie Potts

    Hey Bliss Beauties!

    Hope you're all well, and had an amazing first month of the year. Things are moving fast and are busy. We had a few days of incredible weather. Full of sunshine and warmth! What a tease it was! I was stoked to witness temperature in the upper 70's and low 80's in January. It got us in full wanderlust. We started daydreaming of vacation and beaches. So we wanted to bring you the epitome of vacation, with a resort wear- with a twist of sporty- blog. Pieces you can feel beautiful and confident wearing at a resort or on vacation. We couldn't be more excited to show you...

     Starting off strong with this gorgeous and easy outfit. This little number is vibrant and fun and bound to get you compliments. In three easily worn pieces. 1. Lovers + Friends Carmella Romper. 2. Vanessa Mooney Jaclyn Choker. And lastly 3. Cape Robbin Evelyn Studded Sandals. This combo looks incredible together, and each item can be used over and over in so many ways. The whole ensemble just has us dreaming about sunshine and adventure. 


    Okay, okay, okay... I adore this look and these pieces. They are perfect alone or layered and for mixing and matching. Perfectly feminine with just the right touch of edge. Take the perfect, Free People Embellished Military Jacket with J.O.A.'s amazingly graceful romper, Vanessa Mooney's Katherine Choker, and then pull it all together with the cutest slides - Cape Robbin's Fine Furry Flats. This outfit is perfect for any situation from vacation days and nights, to a road trip, to a night out.


     Whether you're working out while on vacation, going to do some yoga on the beach, or just want a sporty look, this outfit is perfect. Wear it with your favorite bralette, sports bra, or bathing suit... depending on your situation. We took the ultra cool Mint Satin Bomber by J.O.A. and paired it with the sleek Bi-Blue Lagoon Leggings by Lukka Lux. Then we topped it off with Quay's amazing The In Crowd Sunnies.  This active look will keep you feeling great and looking good in no time. 


    Doesn't this look just make you want to pack a bag and set off to sea? It's perfect. Light and flowy and flirty too! Perfect combo!  We paired Lovers + Friends Josette Top with One Teaspoon's Black Van Saints. We put the daintiest and super sexy bralette underneath for a peak a boo look with a pop of color. Shop similar bralettes here or the Free People Lace Essential Bra which is identical until we have this particular one listed. Lastly, do not forget to top of this look with Lack of Color's Morrison Hat. It looks amazing with any outfit, but really makes this one stunning!


    Can you believe these views? Sometimes it's easy to forget how beautiful out planet it. I'm reminded everyday here. It's like a little slice of heaven. This gorgeous look is absolutely perfect for resort/vacation, formal event, or date night. It screams Mexico or tropics. All you need is the set and you're ready! Take J.O.A.'s Floral Off the Shoulder Top and J.O.A.'s Flower Print Wide Leg Pant and that's it. This set is so free spirited and girly. I cannot get over how perfect it is. 


    There we have it loves, some amazing options for resort wear that can be worn anywhere and anyhow. I'm obsessed with them all. If you wear any of these on vacation or anywhere for that matter, please tag us in your photos! We love to see how you style and wear them. 

     For more photos and higher quality, we'd love for you to follow us on Instagram: @gypsylovin85 and @blissbandits.

     *All photos taken and credited by Annie Potts.

    We'll be back with another, "What We're Loving" post soon! Stay tuned!

    Until then... be well, stay active, and smile.

    -Annie at Bliss 

    **If you're in the OC area, have had some modeling experience and would like to model for us, please direct message me on IG @ gypsylovin85.

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  • Win with Bliss Bandits

    Posted by Lauren Robertstad

    We're back with two more Yoga Challenges this month that we are so, so, so, excited about! 

    First up? #OpenToBlissIn2017! 

    Until the end of the month, we'll be cohosting a Challenge with Instagram Yoga Superstars: @robinmartinyoga , @pocketdwarf , @angelkukhahn , & @yoga_ky 

    Follow along, and flow with us for your chance to WIN BETSHEwear and BLISSBANDITS

    Our next Challenge is running until January 27th with four of our favorite yogi's!

    Follow along with: @yoginiinheels, @yogalynzi, @moderndayyogini, and @yogaandchaigirl for your chance to win BETSHEwear & BLISSBANDITS!

    Got a challenge you'd like BLISS BANDITS to be apart of? Shoot us an email to lauren@blissbandits.com

    All the best and B L I S S,


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  • What We're Loving

    Posted by Annie Potts

    Bliss Beauties!!!

    2017!! How the heck did that happen? It seems like a year just keeps flying by faster and faster. A new year. A new, fresh start. I like to keep an open mind and start each day as a new start as opposed to waiting for the year; however, it seems even more liberating to have a new day of a new year. An extra special start to leave everything behind and open your heart to new opportunities, new loves, new beginnings. 

    For the month of January, we decided we wanted to kick of the year with fitness/yoga inspired blog posts. Fitness and health are so important, and showcasing our favorite items for physical activities never looked so good. Check out our favorites...

    For the first look we paired Onzie's Sleeveless Crop Top with Free People's Evolution Leggings in black. These two simple pieces look absolutely incredible together and are absolutely so comfortable. The leggings have extra soft fabric that allows you to move however you need, while the crop top hits in the perfect area so you can feel confident and sexy while moving. Jenay poses perfectly in a dancer pose, side plank , and reverse table top with ease in these pieces. 


    This second look is one of my favorites! These colors just look so incredible together. We took Spiritual Gangsters You Are Free Rays Rocker Tank and Free People's Ryanne Slit Knee Performance Leggings to create the perfect look for any activity. The rose gold/salmon color tank with gold accents and the moss green leggings bring out the best in this look. The leggings fabric adhere to your legs like second skin and are so comfy. Jenay shows us that in a warrior pose, mountain pose, and tree pose. Looks so good!


      Another amazing color combo! These pieces are super comfy wether you are doing yoga or just lounging. You won't go wrong with it. Just take Free People's Strappy Side Bra in copper and put it together with Free People's Skinny Sweat Joggers and you're good to go. The vibrancy of these colors and "too cool" look are amazing on Jenay while she shows off her moves. 


    How cute is this look? Get your hands on a pair of Bethse Mila Mesh Leggings and thrown on Yoga Rx's I Saw That Tank and you're set! These leggings are a must have, and look amazing on every one. The tank looks good with just about anything. Don't forget to layer with your favorite bra. Both can be worn casually as well as for active. They're perfect for yoga as you can see. 


    Would ya check out these moves! When doing difficult positions or activities, it is crucial to be wearing something comfy and non restrictive. We kept the badass Bethse Mila Mesh Leggings and paired it with Free People's Hanalei Seamless Bra in sapphire. These look incredible together and both have intricate details. Feel confident with each move you make in this combo. Just like Jenay did while doing a Tittlbhasana.


    This outfit is the new classic cool. You can't look bad while wearing this. I promise. All black = perfection. Take the must have, Betshe Aria Leggings, put on Free People's Keira Seamless Bralette and throw on Track & Bliss' Textured Hi Low Tank to finish. The detail of the V strap from the bralette show through the mesh fabric of the tank in the most sexy way, while the leggings keep you looking so cool.  One of the best parts of this outfit is how light weight it is. You can pull off any position, move, or activity in this...easily.


    How sweet and fun is this outfit? I adore it. It's easy, comfy, and trendy. It's comfy enough to move in and casual for any day out. Keep your Bethse Aria Leggings and Free People Keira Seamless Bra and then throw on Lovers & Friends Tie Up Yaht Sweater. This sweater looks amazing and fits perfectly. The detail of the tie up is pure perfection, especially when you layer it with a dainty bralette like we did. 


    These moves, colors, and feels are everything! My faves! We kept the much loved Bethse Aria Leggings and Free People's Keira Seamless Bralette to have Jenay pull off some intricate leg movements and poses. Black on black and lightweight make this outfit perfect for any one, anywhere. 

    These yoga/active styled outfits are on point. I love them all so much and hope you love how we styled them. 

    Follow Jenay and her yoga journey @namastejenay.

    For more photos and higher quality, we'd love for you to follow us on Instagram: @gypsylovin85 and @blissbandits.

     *All photos taken and credited by Annie Potts

    We'll be back with another, "What We're Loving" post soon! Stay tuned!

    Until then... be well, stay active, and smile.

    -Annie at Bliss 

    **If you're in the OC area, have had some modeling experience and would like to model for us, please direct message me on IG @ gypsylovin85.

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  • Yoga Challenge with Bliss Bandits

    Posted by Lauren Robertstad

    Happy New Year, Bliss Babes! We're kicking off the New Year with a month FULL of Yoga Challenges! 

    First up, is #BLISSEDNEWYEAR with @_lozfit, @alexzandrapeters, and @rock3roll. Join us for 10 Days of Yoga, and New Year's Resolution MAGIC!

    Post each pose on @Instagram for a chance to win: 

    All the best and BLISS,


    Lauren at BLISS BANDITS


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