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Bliss Bandits are all about living an aligned lifestyle. One where play, work, and bustling environment all mesh into one beautiful existence. This week we're chatting with Annalise Godderz about her Bliss and The City. 

What is your Bliss in 5 words or less?

Connecting through words and movement. 

What is your passion? 

My passion and my purpose, my dharma, are one in the same: To use my energy to connect with individuals in a multitude of ways by inviting a certain raw, supportive and fun honesty into focus which allows everyone to find empowered layers within. 

 Name your style- 

* in Fashion: To me, fashion means FREEDOM. It is my favorite form of self-expression and empowerment. Whether I’m in funky yoga tights and a hoodie or in some badass heels with red lipstick, I make it my own. 

* in Lifestyle: Driven. Loving. Open. Not everyone enjoys the city life, but I was born with an inner drive that shines through everything I do. Love fuels me. And I am open to new things, places and ideas. 

* in Movement (Yoga, Surfing, Dancing etc.): Eyes closed, fluid moving. I am in my own world. Even when I’m dancing with others, I’m constantly closing my eyes and feeling the movement in my body first. I smile, sing, hoot and holler a ton when snowboarding--it makes me giddy like a little kid. 

When and what was the last big leap of faith you took? 

Dropping everything to move to NYC a little over two years ago. I had a sublet for one month, no job, no nothing. The only time I moved with one suitcase and no plan. I started nannying, moved into fashion while teaching yoga on the side, got a full time job offer to help run hOM as one of the first salaried and benefitted yoga instructors in the city and two years later here I am: living my dream as a business woman and a yoga teacher in Brooklyn. Can’t say it was easy or that it’s a walk in the park now that I’m here. I love what I do to the point that I frequently forget I am working. It can be a double-edged sword, but I am happier than ever. This city requires 100% commitment and it’s the most beautiful love affair I’ve ever had. 


Who is in your community?

Rockstars. Nothing but rockstars. Whether they’re new students in residential buildings or seasoned practitioners in studios, my community is filled with dedicated, badass humans and I am so grateful and honored for the opportunity to be a part of their practice. 


Where do you see yourself in 2 weeks?

In two weeks I see myself building my aerial yoga practice for my upcoming Aerial Yoga Teacher Training at OM Factory, preparing to host my arm balance workshop at Dou Yoga and launching our new branding initiative with hOM. 


 What are your hobbies? 

Writing. Cycling through Brooklyn and exploring new spots. Finding the best coffee spots in the city where I can enjoy a latte and get some work done (hence my hashtag #aLatteYogi). Hopping upside down and taking goofy yoga photos throughout the city. Traveling as much as possible, even if that means just going back to my second home in Ocean City, NJ to reconnect to the beach, the ocean and the family I have there. Snowboarding—the only way I make it through the winter. Making space, whether that is physical or mental, spiritual or organizational I find it is imperative to finding balance in the city, there has to be a space that is all your own. 


 Top 3 outdoor/indoor activities? 

  • Snowboarding: All about the speed and dancing down the mountain, rebel yelling all the way. 
  • Cycling: Best way to get around Brooklyn. 
  • Napping on the beach: Nothing better. 
  • Writing: Journaling, blogging, Instagramming, sending love notes etc. 
  • Yoga and all different types of movement. I love to try new workouts. In my mind I know that the endorphins I receive from cardio are so much fun, but I don’t make enough time for it. I’m working on scheduling in more cardio in my week. 
  • Cooking. Oh my goodness throw on some Norah Jones and fry up some garlic and I’m the happiest girl.  

Who is your inspiration? 

One person?! I couldn’t possible narrow it down to one person. I am inspired by my friends and my mother. I surround myself with people who are driven and doing incredible things and I love to look to them for inspiration on a daily basis. I find social media to be the easiest way to connect with others. 

If I had to pick one person I’m gonna go with my mom. Mamalani was a stay at home mom for 13 years and then she went back to school and became a psychologist. She recently went off into private practice at age 58 and is WORKIN IT. I’m a total mama’s girl, always have been, and she gives me endless support to chase my dreams. She reminds me it’s never too late, and also tells me there’s no reason why I can’t start living my vision now. 


 Who has helped you find your Bliss? 

Oof, my teachers, big time. Ari Greene, Cailin Calllahan and Sarra Kaufman for my YTT. They helped me focus with daily tapas and deep learning. sBut ultimately, spending time alone and getting to know myself better. Knowing that I can ask a million people for their advice and opinions, but at the end of the day all that matters is that I am connected to what I am doing and I am proud of what I am putting out there in the world. 


What is your dream life? 

Mmmm excellent question. A seasonal one. One where I live in the city and teach yoga and run the business and I have weekends off. In the winter I go snowboarding on the weekend and escape to the mountains and go offline. In the summer I go to the beach and spend time with my family and friends and do yoga on the beach every morning. One where I am surrounded by people who challenge and support me. One where I have built a community that I continue to fuel in person and online. One where I am happy and grateful every day, even when things are tough. 


Favorite summer activity? 

As if this wasn’t clear enough already haha…Going to the beach with my family and friends. It is the one place where I can combine all of the above, do yoga, relax and soak up fresh air and sunshine. Gotta be by the coast and near the buzz of the city, I am a bright lights and water baby through and through.

So much love to Annalise! You can find her on Instagram @yogaliese . Want to be featured on our blog? Shoot us an email at

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