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Holiday Bliss & Gift Guide with Two Little Birds Wander West

We're thankful for SO MANY OF YOU this Holiday Season. But the star on top of our tree is definietly all of our Ambassadors who are so EXTRA rad! We're headed into the last few days before Christmas, and the homestretch of Holiday Shopping! We sat down with @TwoLittleBirdsWanderWest to chat all things Merry and Bright, PLUS a little extra gift-inspiration a la Bliss Bandits.

What is your favorite part of the Holidays?

THE MUSIC! We love that we get to decorate, listen to Chrismas tunes, and spend extra time with our family and friends. Also, the shopping. Shopping for our friends and family is so so so much fun!!

What is your favorite Holiday Song?

I want a hippopotamus. It's the jam haha , we have a dance and everything. It's quite magical.

What is your favorite Holiday Memory?

Oh gosh, there are so many! We both spend the holidays back in our home town and going home to our families is the best feeling ever! We also love attending the churches we grew up in during Christmas service because it brings back all the memories of being a little kid going to church and praying/wishing Santa would complete your whole list. I guess we have to say that it's not really one memory but more the places that bring back all the memories. 

Are you a before Thanksgiving Shopper, or a Last Minute Shopper? 

Well Bree finished all of her shopping on Thanksgiving weekend and Makenzie just landed back from a week in Mexico so she will be shopping this weekend, maybe.

What are your Holiday Traditions? 

Baking cookies, decorating the tree with our friends, Bree usually hosts an ugly sweater Christmas party and Kenzie always goes to the Newport Beach Light Cruise to watch all the pretty boats decked out for the holidays.

Do you prefer Snow or Sand for the Holidays? 

The idea of snow is lovely, but we need the warm sunshine. . .so maybe both?

If you could give one DREAM gift to anyone, who would it be, and what? 

We would send our families on their dream vacations. Bree's family: Italy. Makenzies: Europe.

What are your Holiday plans?

We will be heading home to snuggle on the couch with our family. Our parents live a few streets away so we will still be close to exchange gifts!

Which lady in your life would you gift BLISS BANDITS to, and what?

Hmm probably our other best friends . We have a whole girl gang so it's hard to choose! We love all our best friends, seriously a blend of Sex and the City and Pretty Little Liars (minus the lying): 



Trans Siberian Orchestra, Yay! or Nay?

Yay! They make Christmas music fun and we rock out to it while we're driving around town haha

 All the love and BLISS to Bree & Makenzie! Make sure to check out Two Little Birds Wander West, and Shop their GIFT GUIDE this Season!


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