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Holiday Love & Gift Guide with Natasia Lutes

Christmas is right around the corner! And Bliss Bandits is offering FREE Two Day Shipping! Before, or, after you snuggle in to read up on all things HOLIDAY with Bliss Ambassador Natasia Lutes, make sure to take advantage of that gem for your last minute gifting!

What is your favorite part of the Holidays?

Food and family!! I absolutely love cooking especially at home in my mamas big kitchen and where there is a big bunch of smiley faces to sit down and enjoy with! All day every day and I would be totally happy!

What is your favorite Holiday Song?

Good question.. Michael Buble Holiday Album for sure and cant forget about Bing Crosby! I love Christmas carols...

What is your favorite Holiday Memory?

In 6th grade my family and I moved to Montreal for a year so we could experience my moms culture. I will never forget opening up the big drapes in the living room behind the Christmas tree to see everything covered in snow. White snowflakes flying down from the sky. It was pure magic.

Are you a before Thanksgiving Shopper, or a Last Minute Shopper?

I'm typically not a shopper in general. I actually hate shopping! I like finding little things for people I love throughout the year. I always collect things over time so that when the holidays come around I can gift something meaningful. I do the same for birthdays too! I cannot stand the thought of, “oh shoot I need to go out and get her something!” I like stumbling upon a treasure that reminds me of someone and getting it then!

What are your Holiday Traditions?

Getting a limo and going to look at Christmas lights with some rowdy family friends, watching Christmas Vacation about 10 too many times (while rehearsing every single line), making homemade orange juice before were allowed to go into the living room on Christmas morning, going to brunch at our neighbors, baking cookies with my best friends for their CRAZY Christmas eve party that all of our families go to. I love everything about this

Do you prefer Snow or Sand for the Holidays?

Sand sand sand sand sand sand sand. Can you tell I’m a beach girl? Hahaha seriously I am the BIGGEST wimp in the cold! I think anything below 73 is beanie weather. It’s lovely from the inside sipping some hot coco by a fire but you deffintiely will NOT find me frolicking in the snow.

If you could give one DREAM gift to anyone, who would it be, and what?

My dad. I would give him a house on a lake.

What are your Holiday plans?

I graduate from my yoga teacher training program on the 22nd at 10pm so I am flying back up to NorCal on the 23rd to spend Christmas with my family. Since I get home pretty late in December I’ve been making an effort to really soak in the Christmas spirit down here (80 degree weather and all!) and have been trying to do festive activities and embrace the season!

Which lady in your life would you gift BLISS BANDITS to, and what?

My sissy! She’s incredible and obsessed with all the brands you guys have. I'd probably get her the One Teaspoon black boyfriend jeans... she would ROCK them.

What's on your Bliss Bandits Christmas List?



Trans Siberian Orchestra, Yay! or Nay?

Not going to lie definitely had to YouTube that. NO...

All the love and Happy Holidays to Natasia! Make sure to Follow Bliss Bandits on Instagram to join in on our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

All the Love and BLISS
-Lauren at Bliss Bandits

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