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At Bliss Bandits, we're all about individuality; carving your own path, learning, trying, growing, shifting, letting go- all while wearing what makes you feel the most BLISS. It's why we seek out ambassadors who strive for more, and for now all at once. We recently chatted with Bliss Ambassador Natasia Lutes about where she is now, where she's going next, and what moves her.

Natasia paddling with Bliss Paddle Yoga in Newport


What does the day in the life of Natasia consist of? 

A day in the life.. makes me smile just thinking about it! Lately I have become obsessed with tea. every morning I'll make a nice cup and sit outside in my back yard, soak in the energy of the nature around me, breathe the fresh morning air, response to emails, and set some intentions. I am a total morning person so this calm part of my day really helps set the tone for whats ahead. I will usually go to a yoga or Pilates class before noon and then enjoy a big healthy lunch while soaking in the sunshine. I love being outdoors if you couldn't already tell!! I typically have a few errands to run in the afternoon on days where I don't have castings or a job and usually find time to take a nice bike ride along the beach (or river trail depending on where I am!!) after dinner. My evenings are filled with close friends or family, good food, and usually a fire with another cup of tea. Can't forget to add that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth.. a midnight treat is always in the game.



How do you transition from Summer to Regular Life (Fall )?
The transition from summer to regular life is extra funky for me this year. I just graduated from Chapman University in the fall so for the first time in 22 years I will not be heading back to school. Well, kind of. I am starting teacher training for yoga that will go through December so I am super anxious and excited about beginning that journey. I LOVE learning and always really enjoyed school. Although my Kinesiology major required ALOT of hours in the library, I truly loved every minute of it. To me, furthering my yoga journey in this direction is the perfect transition into "the real world."
What are your Fall plans?
My falls plans are to truly embrace every moment of my training program. I am also looking to jump back into the LA market as I have been gone traveling working throughout the UK market this summer. I love being part of creative projects and bringing someone else's vision to life so I'm looking forward to getting back into that down here again.
Are you ahead of the curve on your New Years Resolutions? Or will you be spending this Fall wrapping them up?
I might get made fun of for this but I never really "do" the whole New Year's resolution thing. I personally feel that it's a cop-out. This is going to sound so "gypsy-ish" or "Buddha-like" but I sort of use every full moon or new moon as an opportunity to evaluate where I'm at, what I'm doing, and where I ultimately want to be. 
What are you most passionate about right now?
I am most passionate about my health right now. I have struggled alot in the past with putting myself first and being my first priority. Over the past few years I have made great strides towards doing so and I feel that yoga has been a huge part of that. I want to continue living my life surrendering to the present moment and what the universe has in store for me.
Who is your biggest inspiration right now?
My biggest inspiration right now is honestly my family. I was trying to pick one but they different things kept popping into my head that each of them inspire me with every day. My dad for his unending drive and passion to his business and providing the best life for our family, my mom for her complete and utter devotion to us even if that means completely compromising what is best for her ( interesting pattern here..), my brother for being a complete and utter bad ass who is so focused on the bigger picture that temporary dissatisfaction doesn't even cross his mind, and my little sister who is so strong and confident in who she is that she has no problem whatsoever standing in her truth and being herself. Damn, am I lucky or what to have these people as my number one fans. 
What is your current life Mantra?
My current life mantra has to do with letting go of expectations from the universe, others and myself. Being strong in who I am and what I stand for and knowing that now is the only moment that matters. I am enough. (and the coolest part is I actually believe that!)
What are the fall trends your most excited about- What summer trends are you sad to see go?
Fall trends.. hello.. more reasons to wear LEGGINGS! I also love bundling up! Probably because I'm cold and hunting for the sun 70% of the time but also because being cozy is so great. I love weird socks paired with beat up biker boots and layering under a funky cargo jacket. Summer trends.. going to miss my rugged fringe-y shorts with cool belts and flowy tops. This TMI but I sweat alot, for no reason, so when I can wear cool boho tops all summer long I really dig that. I also feel like a gypsy which is pretty awesome too, Goes without saying sun-kissed skin and that constant bronze-y beach glow are always missed.
If you could jet off to one exotic locale, where would it be? 
BALI! I am dying to go to Indonesia. The beaches, the food, the yoga, the culture. Everything about it seems so foreign and remote yet I feel my soul yearns for that tropical isolation.
Where do you see yourself in one month?
In one month: beginning to understand myself and how the world works on a whole other level, deep in my yoga practice, creatively inspired, and (hopefully) in love! LOL dream on I know.
Lots of Love, Light, and Bliss to Natasia, and all of our fans at BlissBandits-

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