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May 2017 Horoscopes

We like to drop into the now almost as much as we like to peer into the future. Scratch that; we like peering into crystal balls more than anything. We hope this Month brings you a whole lot of magic, and all the blissed-out vibes you can handle.


Luck Days: 22,12
It's time to tuck that chin, keep your head down and GRIND. The first part of the month will be filled with opportunities for you to expand! Brush your social calendar to the side for a few weeks, and let your girl boss shine! You'll get a huge boost of blissed-vibes at the end of the month for handling your work-flow efficiently. Use this boast as an opportunity to moonwalk to any and ALL social gatherings at the end of the month. You deserve it. 


Luck Days: 24, 14
Venus was in retrograde and you felt it hard. Your emotions are cloudy, your judgement is a rollercoaster, and you've got no feet on the ground. Use this month to let the pen meet the paper and free write your feelings. Get it all out, the sooner the better. Don't tune into your stubbornness this month; instead use your urge to fight for welcoming the present moment. It's not in your nature, but it needs to be.


Luck Days: 25, 16
Love is in the air. A platonic friendship you might've been entertaining as "just friends," could turn into something much more serious. Taken? Give your wings a flap and take some solo time. The same stories are getting receptive and you need some new material to chat about at the end of the day. Space does a relationship good. You've got good ideas cranking this month. Seek out someone knowledgable to start a fire under your new business ventures.


Luck Days: 28, 19
You are ready to dive into your long term aspirations. There's love on the horizon, but being in the know of your future goals is crucial. The next relationship you skip into has to be one that is of practicality. Gone are the days of dating just to date this season. You're either single, or taken and planning for a future together. It's time to link up!


Luck Days: 22, 30
When was the last time you revisited your New Year's Resolutions? Are you moving towards your goals, or sprinting in the other direction? The Sun blazing through Taurus is illuminating your highest good, and it's time to reach, and push towards your ultimate goal. Take the next few weeks to really crank down on what's most important. Towards the end of the month, scribble in a day to yourself. Nothing like a little well deserved R&R.


Luck Days: 24, 5
Pack a bag; A trip is on the horizon! You've got a sudden burst of desire to explore. Now is the time! Let yourself wander without an itinerary. Towards the end of the month, you'll finally solidify those big plans who've had in the works for such a long time! Make sure you take the time to prioritize your time this month. You've got the Christopher Columbus vibe, but just make sure you've got a timetable of your return!


Luck Days: 25, 7
It's time to find a shell and hermit-up. You've got a strong desire to focus on your life, your journey, and your calling this month. Best to avoid big social gatherings that could leave you playing Nostradamus to friends. You're trying re-navigate some new territories in your life, and helping out friends with their future could only leave you drained. Keep your eyes and heart open for an opportunity to take a last minute trip away. A new surrounding could give you a world of new perspective on your future. 


Luck Days: 28, 10
Love and business are about to strengthen their bonds like crazy this month for you. Your love life, whether it's in full swing, or on the backburner is about to turn WAY up. Got a business that's been chugging along? It's about to hit the high speed rail. A goal you've been working towards since your birthday is about to come full circle. Your hardwork has finally paid off! Seek out an advisor. You need the extra guidance to reach your fullest potential.


Luck Days: 30, 12
You're a well oiled machine. Get in tune with your routines; review them. Make sure you're making the most out of your time at every turn. It's time to hit the pavement in the health and wellness department. Working out is no longer a nonchalant commitment. Find yourself on your yoga mat, or outdoors on the closest trail. Eat what makes you feel good. Really focus this month on cleaning out your bad habits, and replacing them with mind-expanding ones. Focus on the details of your life. It's time to live for you. 


Luck Days: 5, 14
Hello, spontaneity. It's time to embrace the last minute plan! Everything from love, to Silent Yoga Disco's are on the table! It's time to say Yes, Yes, YES. Circumstances beyond your control could swing you from your stability. But instead of feeling off balance, channel feeling unsure into a place of possibility. Everything is possible when no outcome is on the table. Remember to set those healthy intentions; Six months from now you'll be glad you did. 


Luck Days: 7, 16
Shift it all into first gear. Your casa es your casa this month. After an intense few months, it's time to slow it all down. Tune into all of those much-talked-about Netflix series, and tune out. Work is going to take a huge turn at the end of the month. Scale back on the extra Yoga dates with friends; take some time to invest into your career goals. Prepare, prepare, prepare and watch it all pay off. Your creativity is going to be a huge part of your next success.


Luck Days: 10, 19
You are the most popular person on planet earth this month. Keep your phone charger in your back pocket and make sure you've got enough storage on that iPhone. Accept every invitation that aligns with your future aspirations. It will pay off big. A career change is on the horizon. It may feel terrifying at first, but don't worry. A stroke of genius is about to hit. Moving soon? You might be. Focus on the ways you can create sanctuary in your new space. Every big change is an opportunity for you to grow and EXPAND.

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