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Bliss Bandits Ambassador Chats with The Salty Twig

We love our #BLISSBANDITS Ambassadors to the moon and back. Whenever we get a chance to chat and vibe with them, sharing it with you, our tribe, is top priority. Sit back, relax, and meet, Sam Wormser (@SamWormser) one of our newest Ambassadors!

Tell us about yourself in 10 words or less.


Happy and friendly go-getter who wants to see the world.


What do you do for a living?

I work at a digital marketing agency in San Diego in the PR department! Outside of work I created a blog, The Salty Twig, where I talk about my travels, foodie finds and brands I love and support. I love to write so working in PR and blogging encompasses that passion pretty perfectly!


What do you live for?

I live for trying new things and visiting new places. I am such a foodie so one of my favorite things to do is try new restaurants and experience foods that are more farm-to-table style. My parents live in the Portland, Oregon area, which was actually recognized as the #1 foodie city in the U.S. (meant to be). Food and traveling go pretty hand-in-hand.

 I also love to disconnect and get outside. As much as I love social media and blogging, there’s nothing quite like going on a hike or to the beach without being attached to your phone and just having a peaceful moment in nature.


Who is your favorite 'grammer on IG right now?

I have a lottt of grammers that I follow in different categories. For food it would have to be @shutthekaleup; she makes the most insane healthy concoctions and is so real with her captions and experiences raising her cute munchkin toddler. My favorite Instagrammer right now in the fashion space would be either @thriftsandthreads or @songofstyle. Always such a fan of Rocky Barnes too, but who isn’t. For travel inspo, @christianannschaffer. Told you I couldn’t pick just one ;)

What's your favorite luxury in life?

 My favorite luxury in life is the freedom I have to travel because my work has unlimited PTO (to an extent of course), which means I can have quality time with my family back home and also visit some seriously beautiful places. This year I’ve already been to London, Hawaii, Mexico twice, Oregon, Washington, and Joshua Tree National Park here in California. Feelin’ pretty spoiled on the travel side.


If you could go to any music festival this summer, which one would you go to and why?

If I could go to any music festival, it would be Lollapalooza because it looks awesome and I’ve been dying to go to Chicago! I think it has a good mix of music genres too, rather than just being indie or just being EDM.

 When did you start your Instagram and, why?

I actually started using Instagram freshman or sophomore year of high school when I thought it was just an app to edit photos with and would upload the filtered photos (ha!). I’ve had it since then but didn’t really connect it to my blog until about a year ago. I decided to just keep the handle @samwormser instead of switch to my blog name since I had already established that over 8 years ago and I think it’s easier searching for someone’s name over their blog. I’m super thankful for all the people I’ve been able to connect with through the app. Social media really does bring people together, especially other women who are also getting started with blogging.

  What is your favorite thing about Social Media?

My favorite thing about social media is finding awesome people that are so creative and supportive of one another. I also love how you can get inspired by people’s photos, whether it be trying to cook something new or try a new outfit combo or travel somewhere beautiful you didn’t know existed. There are definitely aspects of social media that aren’t so sweet, like people who comment negatively or bully, but overall I’ve had a super positive experience and just don’t pay attention to that.

 Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Tumblr?

 Instagram! I like how people interact with each other the most on Instagram over all of those platforms.


What is your FAVORITE thing on BLISS BANDITS right now?

Such a tough call because there are so many new and awesome pieces! I’m kind of in love with the Wildfox Port Stripes Stardust Pants because they are so fun and different. They look like the perfect summer pant to throw on after a day in the sun and I love a good flare, especially one that looks super soft and comfy. I’m a sucker for something that’s both trendy and comfortable.

All the love and Bliss to, @SamWormser! Tap the Photos to shop the looks Sam is rocking!

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