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All About the Eclipse

For the first time since 1979, the United States will be treated to a total solar eclipse. Anyone in the direct path of this incredible phenomenon will be able to observe the moon completely covering the sun. Even if you live outside of the path (it's a diagonal line from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina,)  you'll still be able to see the moon move partially over the sun. 

On a deeper level, the Eclipse can be a time for you to renew, and redirect. The physical metaphor of the sun moving from a period of light, to a brief period of intense darkness, may apply to your own circumstances. Maybe you've been going through a rough patch or period, and are in need of a physical sign of the good that is to come. Take stock of how you feel when it's briefly dark. Acknowledge that it was temporary, and the light does return. Take time during the eclipse, regardless if you watch it or not, to set an intention. Everything is cyclical in life, it has it's place in time. Honor wherever you are now as being necessary for your growth. 

But... what if you're one of the many people who would rather buy a pair of real sunglasses versus a pair for the  Eclipse? We've got you covered.

"Help. I don't have glasses because my life is a metaphor for all things last minute..."

No worries; If you want to view the Eclipse safely, just make a pinhole projector. They're easy enough to find on YouTube, but if you want to be one of the cool kids, get a Corona 12 Pack Box and watch this. The only thing to keep in mind when you're watching it, is to not look up. If you're planning on photographing the Eclipse with your smart phone, just don't. You risk the chance of accidentally looking at the sun, and even for a moment can cause damage that you won't be aware of for a few hours.

Try be artsy, and photograph something on the ground that's in a shadow, or take a time lapse. Your vision isn't worth a blurry Instagram photo that undoubtedly will get no likes due to the same 6,000 photos that will be going up at the same time. 


"I work for a living... So, I'll be inside..."

We're right there with you. You can head to the NASA website where they will have a Livestream, plus endless amounts of submitted photos. 

"What if I still don't care?"

You probably learned that Santa isn't real earlier than the rest of us. It is completely possible that more people will be talking about Game of Thrones on Monday anyway, so no need to FOMO too hard.

If you do catch it, let us know where you'll be Eclipsin'!

Lauren from BLISS BANDITS 


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