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Hey Bliss babes!

I'm back with a fresh What We're Loving post for ya to feast your eyes on. I'm always so happy to work with new bliss faces, and shoot in new places, and this time for sure did not disappoint. Over the Winter months here in sunny California, it rained. And I mean- rained! A lot, and hard. Being from the East Coast, I didn't expect that at all. Apparently, it's very uncommon. Here I am, thinking I'm a jinx, and then Spring come and BAM! The state is covered in one of the biggest Superblooms it's seen in decades. All the first mountains are covered in grass, everything is green and happy, and there are wildflowers- everywhere! All kinds, all shapes, all colors. Every one has been freaking out and driving everywhere to see them. Lucky for us, we aren't too far from some gorgeous beauts. Picked our favorite new pieces to play in the blooms.

I love this first look because it's soft and airy and light. Easy to wear, and girly, yet not at all overly so. It's perfect for Spring & Summer, and both pieces have endless possibilities for styling. All you need is Suboo's Perfect Day Off The Shoulder Top and One Teaspoon's Black Coal Bandit Shorts. Done and done. Easy peasy and super cute. Those light pink ruffles and light black denim is quite the combo.


This little daisy dress number is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. It looks amazing in person, but really shines in photos. The cobalt blue color just pops, while the floral pattern makes it so dainty. If dress aren't your style, we also have the same pattern, but with a romper cut. However, if you love this dress click here for the Privacy Please Wilmar Dress. I don't think you'll regret this.


This set! Obsessed. Every one loves a good bodysuit, and this one is super cute. Paired with this striped skirt and it's such a winning combo. Pair Lovers + Friends Allie Bodysuit and Lovers + Friends Voyage Striped Skirt and you're good to go. Each piece looks amazing on it's own or with just about anything. Hit the yacht on it, girls night, vacation... so many opportunities. 



 THIS outfit is my absolute favorite!! It's perfection! It's the kind of outfit that would look amazing with any shoes, or even with a jacket thrown on top. It's soft, lightweight, feminine, sexy and unique. Just match Suboo's Twilight Sky Strapless Pleat Top and Suboo's Twilight Sky Pleat Culottes and you've got the perfect outfit for anything! From date night to even a casual wedding. You will look killer in this. It's definitely one of my top choices this Spring/Summer season. 


I think these photos definitely scream Spring, as well as the outfits. I hope you all love these looks as well as the shots. If you pick any of these items up at Bliss, definitely tag us on instagram. We love seeing how you look in them and how you style them! Happy shopping! 

For more photos and higher quality, we'd love for you to follow us on Instagram: @gypsylovin85 and @blissbandits.

 *All photos taken and credited by Annie Potts.

We'll be back with another, "What We're Loving" post soon! Stay tuned!

Until then... be well, stay active, and smile.

-Annie at Bliss 

**If you're in the OC area, have had some modeling experience and would like to model for us, please direct message me on IG @ gypsylovin85.


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