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It's about that time! It's time for another What We're Loving post. These never get old shooting or posting. It's so much fun meeting new beautiful souls to showcase their inner and out beauty, as well as some of our amazing pieces. This time, I got the opportunity to meet an amazing yogi, Lindsey. A talented, and incredibly toned mama, who not only looks incredible in some of our favorite active wear pieces, but showed me some incredible moves. 

I will soon be heading to the East Coast for a couple weeks, and cannot wait to shoot some fresh faces there to showcase amazing new pieces. In the meantime, check out Lindsey below in some killer active outfits.

The first look is all about pure comfort. Whether you're at the gym, in a yoga studio, out on a board, or for a jog, you want to stay comfy and, loose, and warm- especially on cool morning and evening, or when June Gloom is in full effect. We paired the comfiest leggings- Betshe Zoey Leggings (here) and the effortless, Vuori Nova L/S Sweatshirt (here)  to keep Lindsey moving out on the water. Easy peasy!


Want to brighten up your work out a bit with a ray of sunshine? Done and done! These pieces are super comfy and definitely cute. Take Vuori's Hello Sunshine Tank (here,) and throw on Vuori's Asymmetric Block Legging (here) and you're on your merry way. These items are amazing with anything, so they will fit perfectly in your active wardrobe. 


OK- I admit it! I need all the sunshine I can get. If you're anything like me, so can you. I love this combo, because the leggings definitely show a sexy side of active wear, while the tank keeps it flowy and cute. To recreate this look yourself, just pair Onzie's Fierce Leggings (here) with Spiritual Gangster's Sunshine On My Mind Tank (here.) I love how the soft pink look with the black mesh lines of the leggings. A winner for any active situation!


AH, yes, another super comfy outfit to get your fitness on in. I love this sweater because it's so cheery and bright, yet so super soft and comfortable. And these shorts, these shorts are necessary. They have the most comfy underlining and perfect length for staying active in any way. Did I mention they also have a front zip pocket? Take Spiritual Gangster's Namaste Rainbow V Neck Pullover (here) and Vuori's Clementine Shorts (here) and you're set!


Can I just say how damn good Lindsey shows off this outfit! YES!! Now- let me tell you about the softest pair of joggers that ever was... these bad boys look so perfect but feel like a dream. Obviously would be an amazing choice for a work out, but also for traveling in. Get your Vuori Performance Jogger Pants (here)- we have them in gray and blue. 


 I adore this combo! The versatility in both pieces is countless. The rash guard can be used in or out of water and looks amazing on. I love the backless look. And the leggings are so unique and shape the legs perfectly. Pair Spiritual Gangster's Namaste Beaches Dawn Rash Guard (here) with Blanc Noir's Desire Pant (here) to get this look yourself. I guarantee you will not regret it!


Want a fun and quirky outfit to work out in? This one is perfect! The camo combo with the san diego surf spots tank is the cutest. Pair Onzie's High Rise Gray Camo Legging (here) with Vuori's Tank- coming soon! They're comfy and cute.


All these active looks are flawless and will definitely land you compliments. Scoop them up here before they're gone, and be sure to check out all the other amazing active wear items we have here at Bliss. Each as amazing as the next. I'll be back soon with another What We're Loving. 


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 *All photos taken and credited by Annie Potts.

We'll be back with another, "What We're Loving" post soon! Stay tuned!

Until then... be well, stay active, and smile.

-Annie at Bliss 

**If you're in the OC area, have had some modeling experience and would like to model for us, please direct message me on IG @ gypsylovin85.



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