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Have we got quite exciting news!!! This is an extra special "What We're Loving," blog post because our wonderful and talented owner of Bliss Bandits has created a legging line. BETSHE was born from the lack of comfortable yet stylish leggings that is currently available. The goal was to create comfort and chic. BETSHE represents being an unapologetic badass boss that looks cute in and outside of the studio. Each piece is lightweight, super soft, has high performance moisture wicking, and anti camel toe technology with a double lined gusset. Each legging has a unique look, and has endless possibilities for active wear or casual wear. 

We decided to pair each legging as an outfit to show you some possibilities. We are so excited for you to see BETSHE for all that it is, and put together with other incredible BLISS pieces that we know you'll love.

For our first look, we put the super cool BETSHE Zoey Multi Slit Leggings with Chaser's Tie Front Long Sleeve  and then with a the perfect accessory, Vanessa Mooney's The Gold Ring Choker. These leggings are perfect with almost any top. They go from active wear to girls night out in no time flat. The long sleeve is also a multi-functional piece that looks good on any one, and is there really any more reason to have a cute choker? We think not.


For this second look we put the sleek and amazing BETSHE Aria Cut Out Knee Legging with the fun and lightweight Koral White Mesh Muscle Crop Top and then added the neck statement with Vanessa Mooney's Voltage Black Diamond Wrap Choker. This combo is so effortless and so classic yet unique. You can't go wrong with it. And how amazing are these leggings?


The final look was very western cowboy inspired. We took the BETSHE Mila Mesh Leggings (we will have these up to purchase in no time- don't worry!) with Spiritual Gangster's Namaste Solo Crop Tank, put on Lack of Color's Zulu Hat and pulled it all together with the delicate Vanessa Mooney Black Velvet with Turquoise Circle Charm Choker. What an awesome and easy combo to go from a work out to hang out. These leggings are to die for, and the tank and accessories are pieces you'll wear again and again. 

These leggings are certainly made with active situations in mind, as well as perfect casual wear fore pretty much any occasion. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and feel inspired to create your own looks! Happy shopping!

Feel free to visit the BETSHE website as well. 

*All photos taken and credited by Annie Potts

We'll be back with another, "What We're Loving" post soon! Stay tuned!

Until then... be well, stay active, and smile.

-Annie at Bliss



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