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Preorders help inspire holiday spirit and are anticipated to be some of our best selling items of the season. We hand selected and curated this collection based on previous best selling items, and items that have been out of stock and have sold out multiple times. 


Your in stock item WILL NOT ship out of our warehouse until your Preordered item has arrived. If you want the in stock item shipped immediately, you will need to place separate orders. You will not be charged again once your Preordered item has shipped. 

If you are placing a new order for both a Preordered item and an In-Stock we will do our very best to communicate all details regarding Preorders with you. We will also do our best to provide Product page updates, as there are usually many different orders styles that are changing constantly and are also custom to each personalty. 


Once we receive the Preordered item, we will immediately ship it out to you. If you have not received your Preordered item, it is because we have also not received it. If an Preorderd item shows up as sold out, that means the item is no longer available.

We may add more, but it is more likely that you will be refunded for that item. 

*We will always update the information as it is provided to us by our brands and wholesalers. If you do not see an update, then we do not have further information at this time.*

Ship dates are current and will remain updated, if for any reason shipping will take longer, we will work fast to get in contact with you regarding the details of your order.